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Derby County vs Charlton with Cycle Derby

Monday, April 27th, 2009


Dan and I had a great time on Saturday at the last Derby County home game of the season. We were invited to a meal at Pride Park followed by the match by Mark Smith from Cycle Derby in recognition of our contribution to the club over the last three years. We have seen Cycle Derby and Derby BMX grow in popularity after being involved in numerous campaigns, web work and family events that have pushed the visibility of the organisation, and were pleased to celebrate this with Mark and Lauren from the club.

The afternoon began with a meal and drinks and then a rather poor show from the Rams – though we got the goal we needed, so the rest of the day was spent celebrating.

BMX Nationals Event a huge success

Monday, April 13th, 2009


Image by Richard Robotham

Cycle Derby hosted the BMX Nationals event on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th April and it was a huge success, Katapult designed all the advertising materials which consisted of posters and postcards, t-shirts and hoodies.

The event was covered on BBC television and radio and by the local Derby Evening Telegraph. All of the coverage was incredibly positive and reflected the amazingly hard work put in not only by Cycle Derby staff but also by the mums and dads from the club who spent 16 hour days ensuring everyone had a great time.

Kelvin Batey, British number one and Olympic qualifier said “this is the best BMX event I have ever been to, the crowds are amazing.”

Uncle Buck, a legend in the BMX world and compere at all the major events said “I haven’t seen crowds like this since the 80′s, this is what BMX really needs”.

Mark Smith from Cycle Derby said “I personally was very proud to be part of such a spectacular event. In total we had over 480 riders taking part; head counts and car parking suggested over 6000 people watched over the 2 days. So many people came up to me asking for more information on not only BMX but other cycling activities as well. What was even better was they were all families looking to cycle together. In my humble opinion events like this are vital in supporting the promotion of cycling.”

Motion Graphics by Katapult

Our Dan in new Come Dine With Me book

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Come Dine With Me

The new book from Channel 4 ‘Come Dine With Me: How to throw the Perfect Dinner Party’ featuring our very own designer Dan Fletcher (aka Danny to those who watched him on Come Dine With Me) has just been released.

Dan appeared on the show in August 2006 with his tasty French menu and managed to bag the £1000 prize and winner status. He has since achieved mild celebrity status with a small following of female fans who saw him Frenching it up on the show. Our Dan is in the top 10 Winners’ Menus section of the book which he’s pretty chuffed about, and if you fancy buying it, the book even includes recipes for his winning three course meal.

We think he’s more than just a good cook though; just take a look at some of his recent creative work

It’s all coming up roses for jammy Dan right now, as he’s just got engaged too. Congrats from us all.

Branding for the Times

Friday, April 3rd, 2009


The recent Jacqui Smith furore provides yet another reminder of the aspect of our society that has been most damaged by the seismic events of the last 18 months or so. This is also something that brand owners are hugely reliant on: trust.

The implications are clear – in an increasingly sceptical world where a Madoff or Stanford seemingly lurks around every corner, we are going to have to work harder than ever to restore, maintain and sustain trust in our brands. With belief systems being shattered on a daily basis, brand equity has a much shorter shelf-life and this is how it’s going to be from now on…the world has changed and people have long memories.

‘Trust’ is used in a number of contexts, the most frequent usage being in relation to hope and belief. As such, we also need to sharpen our focus – whilst hope is without doubt important (particularly in the current climate), what people need now is to be able to believe. In an environment where ‘low risk’ investments have lost 40% of their value (and in some cases much more), people need proof. Transactions of every nature and value (not just those in Financial Services) need to be built on clear benefits and total belief that they will be delivered.

So, ask yourself what you are doing to build trust in your brand. Do your customers know how hard you fight to deliver them the best products and prices?…Do your clients have a clear understanding of the expertise you deliver and hence the value you add to their organisation?…Do they hope or do they believe?

(CC image by photographyjournal)

BLU Street Animation

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I saw this a while ago and have just revisited it; it’s worth a look. The amount of planning and time put into the illustration and filming is truly admirable and it got me thinking about the subject of street art. Last year there was a TV advert for a car brand (which brand I can’t recall and can’t find the advert online anywhere, good ad but no brand impression made). It posed the question of whether you see art or a crime whilst the camera pans past a hugh spray painted mural. The example the advert gave in my opinion was art; it wasn’t a mindless tag but a beautiful illustrated mural. Obviously this subject opens up a whole debate with many different perspectives.

An article last week in the Manchester press reported of a case where two lads received 15 and 12 month prison sentences for vandalism, which was then overturned when a facebook group was set up to lobby for their release. It was also reported that their ASBOs were quashed for “being ‘inappropriate’ because the graffiti was neither threatening nor offensive.” I’d say in the case of Blu’s animation piece, permission to use the walls would have been sought, due to the duration of the piece and the style/technique of painting with the white base. Is it just a really clever and interesting way to clean off the vandalism beneath? Maybe they were contracted by their local council….that would be genius, street cleaning and art combined. See, there is away we can all live in harmony.

Katapult Wednesdays at QUAD

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Katapult Wednesday

We had a successful and enjoyable evening this week at the first of our Katapult Wednesday’s in which we saw Clint Eastwood’s final powerful performance in Gran Torino. More pictures of the night can be seen on flickr.

Katapult now sponsor every Wednesday evening at QUAD, Derby’s new centre for art and film, with 2 for 1 tickets and we will also be hosting something additional each Wednesday for local businesses.