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Did You Know?

Thursday, June 25th, 2009 has finished a motion graphics events presentation for a leading high service distributor of electrical, electronic and industrial supplies.  Based on the question ‘Did You Know?’ the video presents a range of global facts intersected with company achievements, resulting in a powerful and inspiring piece.

Did You Know?

Brad the dog has been rejected…

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

I got a call from the ‘One and Other’  project on Friday to say that it’s against ‘policy’ for animals to take part in the project. What amused me was that they asked to speak to Brad, The Dog of Bronze…I was tempted to put them on hold and come back on the phone talking like Scooby Doo!  However, I had to explain, that Brad was an actual dog and couldn’t come to the phone.

So now I have given my details, and the place has been transferred to me. Although my profile page still stays I am Brad, a male, a professional pet and 39 years old. I am a little concerned this may remain, as the guy who took my details said they would ‘hopefully’ be able to update the information… hmmm!

Now I need to consider what I should do….dress up as Brad? Try and do him proud by continuing to attempt to represent Britain as a nation of dog lovers? Or do something completely different? All suggestions welcome.

Brad’s got his hour on the plinth, but what should he do up there?

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Brad on the 4th plinth

Brad the dog has been selected and confirmed his place on Trafalgar Square’s 4th plinth for Anthony Gormley’s new art project  ‘One and Other’ – yes the ginger fella you will have met if you have visited the Katapult office has been selected! After all he is ‘the dog of bronze’ and I felt it would be fitting that he was entered for the opportunity to represent Britain as a nation of dog lovers. His place has been confirmed as Saturday 25th July at 1am to 2am in the morning. Should be an interesting task getting Brad into London and up on the plinth at that hour but an adventure I am sure he will enjoy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the project, it takes place over 100 days and every hour a different person will be selected to stand on the plinth. In the first draw on the 7th June, Brad was one of the first to be selected out of the total 2400 who will take part. In the meantime I have been asked to let them know what Brad intends to do up there during his hour. This is were I need your input…what should Brad do?

We are up there during the early hours but Gormley has provided some words of reassurance “The night time will be great, actually. If the LED lighting works, it will be very bright. It will be a little arena. I think it will be magical.”

The scene on the plinth will be broadcast 24 hours a day at where viewers can vote for their best bits. It will also be covered on Sky Arts starting on 10 July. A full-length documentary is also planned to sum up the event, from the first application to the final hour.

You can read about what other people are intending to do in their hour in these related articles:

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Public Sector Procurement

Monday, June 8th, 2009

The Design Business Association and the Associated Parliamentary Group on Design and Innovation met on 13 May to discuss and develop a brief for a series of inquiries this summer into the government procurement of design. This will then be published in a report aimed to improve the current procurement process.

Not only are many PQQ tenders very time consuming – filling in the same details numerous times – but are they really the best way of gaining new business?

Considering many public sector tenders are based on long term contracts, implying a great deal of commitment from an agency, it is not unreasonable to expect a fair and thorough process. But surely, the relationships built with clients are equally important? You can’t underestimate the importance of gauging the chemistry fit when you meet face to face with a potential customer/supplier. You show them your work and you both assess whether you can work together in both a practical sense and, just as importantly, a creative sense. Therefore the current standardised public sector procurement process seems a little stiff; less about innovation and creativity and more about security and longevity. Read others views at The Circular.

Success for Fly-Tipping Campaign

Monday, June 8th, 2009


According to new figures recorded by Derbyshire County Council, fly-tipping in the county is down by 17% whilst the number of people reporting incidents is on the increase. Katapult developed the marketing campaign with the Council and the Environment Agency and we’re thrilled to see that it’s had such a positive impact. Read the rest of the news article at