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BBC iplayer – A joke, photoshop trickery or just a harmless bit of hokey cokey?

Friday, April 30th, 2010


Just noticed this when you go to watch last night’s leaders debate on iplayer – take a closer look at how they are all stood. Is this a joke? Photoshopped? Or just a harmless bit of hokey cokey?

The Leaders Debate Poll: Which broadcaster gets your vote? ITV, SKY or BBC?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

There has been months of preparation into the first televised political debate, with each of the three broadcasters taking a slightly different approach. With the candidates having polls which rate their performance, I felt it only fair the the same should be done for the three broadcasters.

Here’s a visual reminder,  please place your vote below….







BBC – opening idents image coming soon…



The Pothole Gardener – the green fingered Banksy

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Photographs Copyright of Steve Wheen

I came across an article in the Metro this morning which captured my imagination and seems to have become something of a PR and social media phenomenon in the last couple of months.

Described by the press as ‘the guerilla gardener from Shoreditch’, Steve Wheen aka The Pothole Gardener has spent the last few weeks planting mini gardens in potholes on some of London’s worst roads to highlight the lack of repairs.

The idea apparently came to him after many times of nearly falling off his bike riding over holes in the road. He thought by planting flowers in them, it might deter cyclists and motorists to drive around the hole to avoid running them over, claiming that his longest ‘installation’ lasted three weeks.

A keen gardener with no garden of his own, Steve described the project as ‘part art project, part labour of love, part experiment, part mission to highlight how bad our roads are – I want to brighten up a few peoples lives momentarily, and creating mini-gardens in pot holes is my means.’

Likened to ‘guerilla’ street artist Banksy, Steve completes his work before anyone can stop him and like Banksy, is using his environment to make satirical comment and political statements – see below.

The Pothole Gardener has featured in the Telegraph and The Sun, has a large Twitter following – 4 tweets to his blog as I have been writing this – and 25,000 hits to his site this month; and he made his first pothole garden just a few weeks ago. Brilliant.

There are some seriously holey roads around Derby that could do with the green-fingered approach.

Follow him on Twitter @thepotholegardener or check out The Pothole Gardener blog to find out which London street is next.

Under the bonnet of a brand

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

cuthbert the cabbage - derby feste brand development

As well as the polished exteriors of the brands we design, we’re just as proud of the less publicly visible, but equally important work that goes into their development. In addition to providing a clear brief for creative work, our approach also provides the opportunity for organisations to get hands-on in brand workshops. Not only are these great fun, they work brilliantly as team building exercises and ensure that the brand supports the organisation’s objectives and accurately reflects its ambition, spirit and values.

We’ve run workshops and brand development projects for a wide range of clients, two of which – TMS and The Finesse Collection -  you can see on the blog.

If you would like to find out more about our approach contact Neil directly:

Image: Cuthbert the Cabbage – we feel this photo may need an explanation, it was taken at a recent brand workshop for Derby Festé, everyone was asked to bring along an item which they felt represented Derby Festé! We hear that Cuthbert has so far avoided being turned into coleslaw.

Katapult a finalist in Recommended Agency Register awards

Monday, April 19th, 2010


We’re delighted to announce that Katapult are finalists in the 2010 Recommended Agency Register awards – in three categories.

The national awards for agencies outside London are unique to the industry; recognising service excellence from marketing companies based solely on ratings by clients.

Over the last year, nearly 2000 ratings have been made on the RAR website by company director’s and marketing managers wishing to recognise the contribution their marketing suppliers have made.

Katapult are finalists in the following categories: Best in Direct Marketing, Best in Print Production and Best in Sales Promotion.

Managing Director Dawn Foote said ‘being nominated by our clients is testament to the standard of work we produce and high level of service we provide. We are extremely grateful to all who rated us.’

Dawn is looking forward to the awards ceremony which will be held in London on Wednesday 21st April.

View Katapult’s Recommended Agency Register profile

A desire for more public art in Derby

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Wooden Soldier

During the Christmas Playground a street survey – also available online – was undertaken to capture the public’s response to the wooden playground toys, which were crafted by artist Andrew Frost. The project was led by Katapult in partnership with Arts Council England, Bombardier, City Centre Management Derby, Derby City Council, Derby County Football Club, Derby Live, QUAD, Rolls-Royce plc, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Derby Hospital, Simon Foote Architects, Toyota and the University of Derby.

In Family Fortunes style “‘The survey said”…

88% would like to see more public arts projects like this in Derby

93% agreed that themselves and/or their chidren enjoyed the playground

The Under 10′s ‘Name the bear’ and ‘Colour the Soldier’ Competition recieved over 500 entries. You can see the winners here

The family workshops which ran at QUAD to paint the wooden decorations for the city centre tree were all fully booked. Alongside this, three local primary schools took part, resulting in a  total of 150 children attending to help the cast of Cinderella hang them on the tree (along with a couple of helpful elves and  festive health and safety men from Derby City Council) Images can be seen on flickr

A visitor from Liverpool commented: ”Derby changes so much, everytime we visit, there seems to be a lot more to see and do’”

The wooden sculptures are now being relocated to the Royal Derby Hospital for the enjoyment of patients and visitors.

You can watch the making of the toys here

Contact Dawn Foote,  if you would like any more information about the project.