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Katapult rank 12th in The Drum Design 100 client review

Thursday, March 28th, 2013


Following the publication of The Drum’s Design 100 report for 2013, we were delighted to learn that we rank 12th in the client review.

The list ranks agencies on their performance in The Drum’s client survey which asked clients to provide ratings across six criteria: branding, client service, design, creativity, strategic thinking and value for money. It was interesting to note that independent agencies performed strongly in the review with the publishers going on to suggest that owner management and a concise team can benefit an agency’s offering for clients, in terms of both productivity and service.

Naturally, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone we work with for your support and particularly to those of you who took the time to provide feedback for the review; there is no better recognition than when it comes directly from the people we work with.



Does inbound marketing really work?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Read any marketing blog at the minute and you are likely to find some mentions of inbound marketing. It is considered by some to be the buzzword of the moment and many are rightly asking if it really works or is it all hype? That issue was resolved in January when the results of an MIT Sloan MBA student completed a research study on the ROI of using HubSpot, the all-in-one marketing software.

Read the full report here or check out the highlights below. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Inbound marketing increases leads through websites

Leads from website since using IM

One of the headline statistics from the report was this: 92.65% of survey respondents had seen an increase in leads from their website since using inbound marketing.

As many corporate websites are little more than online brochures, it is obvious that there are a great deal of businesses who could be generating more leads through their website.

Inbound marketing significantly increases leads through websites

How much have leads from your website increased smallUsing inbound marketing is not just a way of increasing leads, it is a way of generating a significant increase in new leads.

56.33% of respondents to the survey said that inbound marketing had resulted in a 50% increase or more in leads generated through their website; 38.37% of respondents saw leads increase by 100% or more!

Inbound marketing increases lead to sale conversions

Not only does inbound marketing methodology produce more leads for your sales team to contact, it also helps to convert leads to customers due to the process of lead nurturing.

41.5% of respondents noted that they have seen an increase in sales for nurtured leads
versus non-nurtured leads. The process of lead nurturing helps to educate and persuade potential customers so that when they are ready to buy, your business is the one they trust and turn to.
Change in rate of leads to sales conversion

Leads will increase quickly

When did you first start to see an increase in leads
Over 65% of HubSpot customers surveyed saw the number of leads generated increase within three months. Almost one fifth of respondents didn’t even have to wait that long and reported that leads increased within one month of starting inbound marketing using HubSpot.

B2B vs B2C

Survey profile


The firms included in the study were predominantly B2B with just over a quarter of those involved being B2C.

Is the hype justified?

The findings from this study show that inbound marketing using HubSpot software increases leads as well as lead-to-sales conversions, and it often does so within three months.

If leads and sales figures aren’t enough to convince you, consider this: 84.32% of customers overall agree that HubSpot has helped them reach their marketing goals, while 32.30% within that group “Strongly Agree” with the statement.

By Martin Broadhurst

We’re hiring! Vacancy for Account Manager

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Katapult are hiring

UPDATE: This position has now been filled. Thank you for your interest.

We’re looking for an Account Manager to join our team to deliver outstanding client service to build existing and new client relationships. You’ll take the account lead with key clients in the leisure & entertainment sector that offers international travel opportunities.

A confident communicator, you’ll be able to manage a wide range of projects to tight deadlines as well as multi-task, schedule and track milestones to ensure that all activity runs smoothly. You’ll be working within a talented team and the role presents plenty of  opportunities for career development.

Account Manager

  • Solid account management experience (Ideally in an agency), especially with regards managing multiple simultaneous projects.
  • An excellent communicator at all levels, in particular informally and able to establish rapport easily with others
  • Adept at taking ownership of clients’ needs and developing them
  • Commercially astute, energetic and positive with experience in new business development and pitches
  • Bright, ambitious, entrepreneurial, likeable, and ready for a challenge

Project management & client service

  • Able to understand client business objectives and advise on the execution of marketing plans that are aligned to their delivery
  • Managing multiple projects and work streams across the marketing mix with a variety of budget levels
  • Day to day management of the project team (Strategy, creative, technical) briefing in design, managing development, liaising with clients, suppliers and delivery partners
  • Managing suppliers/delivery partners (e.g. print, promotional merchandise, signage, POS)
  • Managing development, amends and sign off to ensure that all deliverables meet expectations and is of high quality
  • Advising, influencing and building strong long-term relationships with clients
  • General housekeeping & client service:
    • Maintain job and opportunities reporting, submitting for invoicing
    • Responding to client enquiries promptly

Skills & knowledge

  • A robust understanding of the marketing mix and a good grasp of the digital landscape
  • Keep ahead with industry developments & provide clients/prospects with robust advice and guidance on relevant opportunities

Business development & marketing

  • Proactive in seeking & responding to new business opportunities through clients & contacts
  • Ownership of allocated new business opportunities, managing leads through proposal, negotiation, pitch etc to conversion and delivery
  • Identify add-on work opportunities on existing projects

Katapult are a leading integrated agency with a team of twelve working across Branding, Marketing, Design, Digital and Video Production & Motion Graphics. We are profitable, growing and always looking to raise the bar across our output.

Please think twice before you apply for this position. Yes, we did just say that and we always do whenever we’re hiring. This job isn’t for everyone and so it’s vital that we do everything we can to find someone who fits the bill. Take a good look at our company; if you like what you see and if you see this as a great opportunity rather than just a job then we should probably have a chat.

How to apply

If you’re interested, send us your details including salary requirements and your response to the following:

  • Tell us about some projects you’ve delivered that have made an impact
  • What’s your passion?…what do you do in your spare time and what inspires you to do it?
  • What are your three favourite brands and why?
  • We’re sending you to a media friendly desert island, you can take one film, one album or playlist and your favourite food. Tell us about them
  • Where do you work now? What’s great and what’s not so great?

Apply now


Six great examples of B2B companies using social media

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Social media provides a valuable set of tools for B2B marketers. Here are some of the best examples of B2B firms utilising social media across a range of business activities.


Hubspot twitter profile

If you’ve ever searched Google for email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, lead generation or almost any other aspect of digital marketing, you are quite likely to have discovered HubSpot’s content. They are masters of content marketing. Pushing out eBooks, webinars, checklists, toolkits, blog posts and slideshows by the bucketload.

Lead generation with social media

HubSpot utilises social media channels to distribute their content for the purposes of lead generation for their inbound marketing campaigns. Calls-to-action, landing pages and high quality materials ensure that they add large volumes of leads to their marketing funnel, each of which can be tracked by source – even down to the individual tweets. Learn more about how to use inbound marketing in your business.


Executives are often compelled to ask what social media has delivered in terms of revenue whilst missing the additional benefits it can bring; Boeing executives are not of this breed though.

Early adopters

Boeing’s use of social media really kicked off in 2005 when Randy Baseler, then VP of marketing (now retired), set up Randy’s Journal. It gathered 500,000 visitors in the first two years online with a strong and active community of employees and enthusiasts alike. Since then, Beoing’s social media usage has increased, with social media playing a significant role in the digital marketing and stakeholder engagement strategy for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (see the video below for more details about that).

Social media newsroom

Boeing look to use social media to engage a wide range of stakeholders – media, customers, shareholders, aviation enthusiasts, etc – with exclusive content that would only ever be available through the company. For Boeing, social media offers a chance to take control of the media output and become their own newsroom.

At Farnborough International Airshow 2010 Boeing created their own microsite which produced news articles throughout the event. Todd Blecher, Communications Director at Boeing, stated: “We attracted 103,710 visitors who made more than 225,000 visits and 222,300 views of our videos. That was remarkable for us. I’m very proud of that effort.” In short, it was a runaway success.


Peddinghaus are manufacturers of structural steel fabrication machinery. Structural steel fabrication is not a glamorous industry (trust me, I worked in it for five years) but Peddinghaus Corporation has embraced the latest digital marketing trends by establishing themselves with a large, active and very visible presence on YouTube and Twitter.

B2B video marketing

Peddinghaus offers a good example of what can be achieved when a manufacturing business takes online marketing seriously. Since starting to utilise YouTube two years ago, Peddinghaus has gained over 28,000 video views on their channel. Videos range from basic product demonstration videos through to a series of short case studies showing you the benefits that utilising Peddinghaus equipment can bring to a steel fabrication company.


One business that has completely embraced social thinking throughout the corporate structure is IBM. Where as many businesses use “social” as a marketing activity, IBM has turned itself into a social business.

Creating a social business

Transforming a business into a social business requires more than simply getting all the employees on to Twitter and LinkedIn. It isn’t just about engaging with customers through blogs or online communitities either. Becoming a social business requires social thinking to be embraced for internal communications as much as external communications. As IBM puts it, “When you inspire your workforce to innovate and collaborate more productively, you create tangible business value.”

The presentation below details how IBM transformed from a traditional business into a social business over the past 20 years.

IBM Social Media Marketing from Tiffany Winman


Cisco has been “doing social” for some time now. In 2010 it published the Cisco Social Media Playbook: Best Practice for Sharing (embedded below) which details how Cisco intends to use social media including the four steps of their social strategy: listen, plan, engage, measure, and they have a section of their website dedicated to social media activity.

Reducing costs with social media marketing

One of the most compelling early cases supporting social media marketing came from Cisco back in 2010. When it launched a new router exclusively through social media, the results were astonishing: nearly three times as many press articles as with traditional outreach methods; 9,000 people attended the social media product launch event – 90 times more attendees than in the past; one-sixth the cost of a traditional launch.

The campaign won awards and saved the business over $100,000 compared to a traditional product launch. Impressive results by anyone’s standards.

  Cisco Social Media Playbook:  Best Practice Sharing by Cisco

RS Components

RS Components are the world’s largest distributor of electronic products. As part of a task to develop their online presence within the electronic design engineering community they created DesignSpark, a “global gateway to online resources and design support for engineers.”

The results were impressive:

  • DesignSpark is the fastest growing community of its kind with 45,000 members in its first year.
  • The DesignSpark PCB tool has been downloaded over 60,000 times, helping RS increase their presence within the EDE community.

Read the full DesignSpark case study.

By Martin Broadhurst

Infographic: 24 months of Syria conflict

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

In response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched an appeal on Thursday 21 March to help people affected by the conflict. To raise awareness of the situation, Merlin has published an infographic (designed by Katapult) showing the results of 24 months of conflict in the region.

Inbound marketing 101: landing pages explained

Friday, March 15th, 2013

In order to start converting website visitors into leads, you are going to need landing pages. They are an important cog in the inbound marketing machine where we convert our leads into prospects; gain more insight into our existing leads; capture important lead data and position our brand as experts in our field. Read on for the full low down on the importance of landing pages…
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Plumpy’nut challenge: sachets saving lives infographic

Thursday, March 14th, 2013
You may recall that some of the Katapult team recently participated in the Plumpy’nut challenge. As part of this we have created an infographic detailing the results of the campaign to date on behalf of Merlin.

Click here to see the full size image


Inbound marketing 101: lead nurturing explained

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

So your website is set up to start generating new leads; you have your call-to-actions in place, your blog posts scheduled and your landing pages are live. But what are you going to do with all of the leads that your digital marketing generates? According to HubSpot, 50% of leads are qualified but not ready to buy. If your sales team were to engage with this 50% too soon in the marketing process, you could end up pushing customers away. This is where lead nurturing comes in to play. Read on to get the low down on how email marketing will help nurture your leads through the marketing funnel…

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We’re finalists in the 2013 RAR awards!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

                       RAR Awards Finalist 2013

The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) has just announced the finalists for the 2013 RAR Awards and we are delighted to be nominated in two categories – TV/Video/Audio Production and Promotional Marketing.

The RAR awards are really important to us as the nominations are decided solely on ratings and testimonials from our clients. As such, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone we have worked with and especially those who took the time to provide a rating. Watch this space for the results following the awards ceremony which takes place on 18th April in London.

Inbound marketing 101: buyer personas explained

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Want to know more about buyer personas, or user personas, as some people call them? Here you will find a comprehensive guide to what a buyer persona is and why it matters to your marketing.

Avatar @gabrielasaiia

Definition of buyer persona

One of the most concise explanations of a buyer persona that I have found comes from HubSpot, who tell us:

“Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. They are based on real data about customer demographics and online behavior, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns.” (more…)