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Customer profiling and brand building at the Advanced Engineering Show

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Advanced Engineering Show Advanced Engineering Show

The biggest and best show for the engineering sector took place this week at the NEC. The Advanced Engineering Show featured exhibitors across a range of high value and interlinked engineering and technology industries – Aero, Composites, Automotive, Auto Electronics and Printable Electronics for Industry.

Many exhibitors serve a broad range of customers with their products and services and speaking to a few, there is still a heavy reliance in the sector on repeat customers, large sales teams and word of mouth to secure future new business. The overriding challenges seemed to be that of understanding specific customer requirements and attracting potential new customers with a very niche product.

The Anochrome Group

Surface coating and finishing specialists, The Anochrome Group, supply many market sectors from structural and automotive, to advanced electronic, aerospace and telecommunications industries. The company is currently using some key inbound marketing principles on their website, offering visitors the opportunity to download seminar presentations and whitepapers in exchange for data.

However, I found that visitors only had to register once on the site to be able to download any of these materials, meaning that you never really know what product or service each potential lead has an interest in. With some great content such as they are already producing, Anochrome could be creating dedicated landing pages for each piece of content, optimising the page to get found by people searching for a problem they can help solve and capturing data with unique forms. They could use their established blog to help leverage this content by placing calls-to-action next to relevant blog posts.

This inbound marketing approach helps nurture the lead from the start of the buying decision making process until they convert into a customer.


Derbyshire based multisensor metrology company OGP UK showcased their multisensor measuring equipment technology at the exhibition, demonstrating how the equipment could solve problems for aerospace, automotive and engineering-led manufacturers.

With their advanced technology, the company has a great opportunity to start producing a number of informative ebooks or how-to-guides to offer their  insights on common problems such as time and cost savings relating to programming and inspection routines for example, educating their potential customers and building trust and credibility in their brand. Content such as this will help OGP get found organically for key phrases that people in the industry are searching for when they have a problem that OGP can help solve.

Customer profiling

It’s easy to forget that people will not always search for your product or service – what if they don’t know the precise solution you offer even exists? What if they’re not yet ready to buy?

By understanding your ideal customer profile, you can better understand what problems they are likely to have which will better inform the type of content you provide them with. Producing content with a specific customer profile in mind, particularly when working across numerous sectors, will help get you found at the research stage of the buyer decision making process and makes sure your company is front of mind when that ideal prospect is looking to purchase.

By Rhiannon Hulse

Inbound Marketing in the Technology Sector

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

EHI Live and Commontime

Last week I attended EHI Live, a two-day conference and exhibition for the E-Health community. Though many exhibitors in the technology and software sector were solely supplying services to the NHS, there were many others that provide IT solutions to a range of other sectors, helping to make data processing and business systems much more efficient.

I wasn’t surprised to discover that this is a sector already looking at the benefits of inbound marketing and marketing automation to generate leads and drive sales, however, there still seem to be some challenges experienced in the execution of successful lead generation campaigns. (more…)

Getting a Greener Deal

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013


Wishing to further our green credentials and be active participants in the Green Deal, we have opted to have our gas supplied by fully-fledged Green Energy company, Ecotricity.

Kick-starting the global Green Electricity movement back in 1996, founder and CEO Dale Vince had a mission to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain. With 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions coming from standard electricity, the biggest single source, it’s also the single biggest thing we can change.

Ecotricity are dedicated to using alternative sources such as wind and solar to provide more homes and businesses with alternative renewable energy. They already have 18 wind parks and 1 sun park in operation with over 20 more renewable energy parks planned or already being built. Working in partnership with a number of other organisations, they are now looking to develop technology to effectively harness the power of the sea.

In 2010, Ecotricity introduced the concept of Green Gas to Britain. Making their own gas (from food waste) and putting it into the national gas grid, they are also working to establish Green Gasmills as a major energy source for the UK. Until then they promise that all of the green gas that they supply will be ‘Frack Free’.

Take a look how Green Gas works.

The organisation takes the money their customers spend on their bills and invests in building other new sources of green energy. Over the past nine years they have spent £281.02 per customer on building new sources of green electricity.

A green energy company with a great story to tell, Ecotricity seemed a good fit for us and with all the news of the big energy companies hiking up their prices recently, we chose good value AND helping to develop future renewable technologies.

How green is your energy company?