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Recent Work – Sinfonia ViVA Orchestra

Friday, March 5th, 2010



Audio Lens Performance at the Assembly Rooms, Derby on Wednesday 3rd March.

Sinfonia ViVA:  Audio Lens

Katapult developed the branding for the project and K-motion (Katapult’s motion graphics and video production unit) have been filming the project and are currently producing a DVD which will feature the final performance and a documentary of the project.

Composers and Workshop Leaders James Redwood and Jack Ross wrote a new piece for concertante (group of six ViVA musicians who will perform as soloists and form the workshop teams) with the wider ViVA ensemble which included moments for participation by the project participants; young people from one primary school, two secondary schools and Derby College.

This process began at QUAD as part of the Art and Participation season on 2 November 2009. The concertante team and composers came together with the project participants in the QUAD gallery to explore and develop some musical material which will be further developed to form part of the final composition.

A VJ artist worked with a small group of participants from Burton College to consider ways of presenting video and animations during the final performance.

The ViVA team, conductor and VJ came together with all the participants for the final two days of the project during which they put all the new material created during the project into one large piece on Wednesday 3rd March, at the Assembly Rooms, Derby.

Katapult have enjoyed working with Sinfonia ViVA since 2001 and you can see more of the recent video work  K-Motion has been doing with them below.

Sinfonia ViVA – ABO Conference Promo

At the recent ABO conference in Glasgow, a video was produed highlighting the educational work that Sinfonia ViVA undertakes. Phil Higgins interviewed James Redwood (Composer, Workshop Leader + Board-Director) and editited this together with interviews with conductor André de Ridder and composer Anna Meredith to create a promotional video highlighting the arrival of the ABO (Association of British Orchestras) conference in Derby, February 2011.  The video was mixed with the sinfonia ViVA ident, a motion graphics based introduction. The video was well received at this the ABO’s primary annual conference held this year at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall; the major gathering of the classical music industry in the UK, with over 350 delegates drawn from orchestras both from within the UK and abroad, venues, agents, publishers and suppliers.

See video here

Client Testimonial:

“Thanks again for the film for our Association of British Orchestras pitch at the of last month. It was a great piece of work and  now everyone is talking about Derby, the conference next year and how they are looking forward to coming. As a colleague said afterwards – “gosh you guys really know how to do a pitch”. Of course this would not have been possible without the hard work you put in to create such a inspiring film. Yet another quality product from k-motion!”

Peter Helps
Chief Excecutive – sinfonia ViVA

Sinfonia ViVA – Big Screen Proms:
Phil Higgins of K-motion  interviewed conductor André de Ridder and violin soloist Ilya Gringolts performing with sinfonia ViVA for a quick teaser video which was played in the intro of a live broadcast on the big screen Derby.  Presented by Aleena Naylor form BBC radio Derby, the quick turn-around project was well received and gave the audience an insight into the musicians and with performances of Mozart’s Overture to Don Giovanni, Schumann’s Violin Concerto and the world premiere of Larry Goves’s Orchestral Short composition which has been specially commissioned by sinfonia ViVA.

See video here

Katapult get festive with seasonal e-cards

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

katapult christmas e-card

We have just sent out our 2009 Katapult Christmas e-card, which features some exclusive footage from the elves workshop.

This year Katapult led a partnership to create a Christmas Playground in Derby’s market place. The six giant wooden toys were created by ‘a very special elf’ local wood sculptor Andrew Frost, which will be relocated to Royal Derby Hospital children’s ward in the new year.

A huge thankyou to all the partners involved in the Christmas Playground project and also to Doug Smith for his poem reading talent and to the Cathedral Quarter Hotel for use of their secret elves room.

This year we have made a donation to the Lewis Mighty Fund.

And because Katapult love Christmas so much, we were asked to produce more festive e-cards for clients, such as University of Derby and QUAD.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a magical 2010.

university of derby christmas e-card

QUAD christmas e-card

Playful ’09

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Playful '09

I recently had the great pleasure of attending Playful ‘09 (A Day of Cross Disciplinary Frolicking), hosted by Pixel-Lab.  Based at Conway Hall, London, the stage was host to a plethora of over 20 speakers ranging from games designers, writers, art directors and people generally doing fun things.

Ranging from RexBox (involved in the visual playfulness of LittleBigPlanet) and his impressive OHP presentation including realtime loading bars (bloody hilarious), Robin Birkinshaw’s personal insight into the beautiful ‘Alice & Kev’ story (experiment into Homelessness in the Sims 3), Russell Davies gripping presentation on the importance of ‘Pretending’ and the amazing showcase of fun projects produced by Chris O’Shea.

Unlike most ‘digital’ events it was a refreshing change not to be bombarded with commercial plugs and sponsorship (usually resulting in walking away with bag loads of promotional tack!) The relaxed nature of the whole day filtered through to the speakers and the audience, creating a shared utopian mood, perpetuating everyone’s reason for being there; to celebrate being Playful.

Although part of me did leave the event wanting to run home and dig out my oldest and most treasured toys in search of capturing a quick hit of nostalgia, I did leave with an added sense of new found pleasure.  Through the powers of new technology to the passing thoughts and observations of daily life; we are playful beings and being playful should be nurtured and celebrated.

Visit the Playful website for photos, info, and links to presentations from the day.

Thoughts & observations of the day:
“I realised that the web doesn’t smell” (Toby Barnes comment of the day),

My personal highlights of the day:

Old school OHP presentation + realtime loaders + duped technical errors

RexBox Loading...

RexBox Loading...

Russel Davies:
Reminding me of childhood – driving in the back of the family car, scrunching you eyes up at night to turn the streetlights into laser weapons and shooting other cars, or watching the passing shadows on the road beside you, imagining shapes and rhythms.

Analysis of Jason Bourne (90% moody commuter 10% killing and fighting)

Moody Commuting

Chris O’Shea:
Footage from his chicken project – hilarious!

Kareem Ettouney
Discussing the change in the role of the art director over the last couple of decades.  From pyramid (dictatorship) to a collective methodology, communication and ownership.

Drinking lots of tea, talking to interesting people and seeing the most amount of iphones in one room ever.

I’ll definitely be there next year.

(Image Copyright Toby Barnes)

Furry Katapult sign up for Movember!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

katapult lads - Movember

I have managed to persuade the boys here at Katapult to grow moustaches (or full on beards!) for Movember – the annual month long celebration of the hairy upper lip – to highlight men’s health issues and specifically prostate cancer.

We have set up a page on the Movember site called ‘Furry Katapult’ where welcome visitors can go to check out the development of the boys’ hairy faces and hopefully sponsor our group with all proceeds going to the Prostate Cancer Charity.

To date Movember has raised over £30 million globally for the fight against prostate cancer and more importantly, as a direct result, male awareness has improved with Movember helping to spread health messages directly to millions all over the world. Please see the Movember site for more details and to join up yourself!

K-Motion Launch

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Katapult have just launched our specialist motion graphics division K-Motion.  As the name suggests, K-Motion is in the business of causing a bit of a kerfuffle.  Specialising in motion graphics we create video content that cuts through for use in Broadcast, Web, POS, Events & Exhibitions, Presentations and anything else that needs impact.

As part of Katapult, K-motion have worked with a wide range of clients across projects of every nature, applying their skills and expertise to deliver engaging and entertaining experiences that leave a lasting impression.

K-Motion is headed by Phil Higgins, and was born from Katapult’s existing expertise in motion graphics which has already headlined many successful client campaigns, including programme titles and idents for the BBC and ESPN Classic through to idents for events and presentations.

The high end content managed flash website allows us to easily keep things up to date whilst delivering a full screen video portal for the viewer.  The website loads a different background every time you visit and if your machine is fast enough then you’ll benefit from full screen video backgrounds.

Have a look, check it out and let us know what you think.

or follow us @

Did You Know?

Thursday, June 25th, 2009 has finished a motion graphics events presentation for a leading high service distributor of electrical, electronic and industrial supplies.  Based on the question ‘Did You Know?’ the video presents a range of global facts intersected with company achievements, resulting in a powerful and inspiring piece.

Did You Know?

BMX Nationals Event a huge success

Monday, April 13th, 2009


Image by Richard Robotham

Cycle Derby hosted the BMX Nationals event on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th April and it was a huge success, Katapult designed all the advertising materials which consisted of posters and postcards, t-shirts and hoodies.

The event was covered on BBC television and radio and by the local Derby Evening Telegraph. All of the coverage was incredibly positive and reflected the amazingly hard work put in not only by Cycle Derby staff but also by the mums and dads from the club who spent 16 hour days ensuring everyone had a great time.

Kelvin Batey, British number one and Olympic qualifier said “this is the best BMX event I have ever been to, the crowds are amazing.”

Uncle Buck, a legend in the BMX world and compere at all the major events said “I haven’t seen crowds like this since the 80′s, this is what BMX really needs”.

Mark Smith from Cycle Derby said “I personally was very proud to be part of such a spectacular event. In total we had over 480 riders taking part; head counts and car parking suggested over 6000 people watched over the 2 days. So many people came up to me asking for more information on not only BMX but other cycling activities as well. What was even better was they were all families looking to cycle together. In my humble opinion events like this are vital in supporting the promotion of cycling.”

Motion Graphics by Katapult