Three simple ways to use Twitter for lead generation

When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter is the place to be in 2013. If you don’t believe me, consider this: 21 of the 56 commercials during the 2013 Superbowl mentioned Twitter which is six times as many mentions as Facebook received. With all this focus on Twitter, many marketers are still struggling to attribute ROI to their efforts on the network. This blog post will show you how to start generating leads through Twitter and demonstrate return on investment from social media marketing.

Utilise Your Profile Banner Image

You don’t get a lot of space on Twitter to design and make your own. The only design changes you can make are to your profile background, profile picture and your banner image; the last of these is the one you should be using for key messages. When people click on your username, your profile summary will appear with a biography and a link to your website. This will be your first chance to sell your business to a potential customer.

UFC Twitter Profile Banner

The above example from the UFC demonstrates this perfectly. In spite of the fact they are promoting the most popular female competitor in the sport, they don’t have loud, brash sales messages. Instead, they use the image to grab your attention and the profile biography to sell you the story with a link beneath where the visitors can go to find out more about the event, including where to buy it.

Listen and Respond

If you aren’t listening on Twitter for opportunities, you aren’t doing it right. This is something that everyone can do and you don’t even need the most rudimentary of design skills. All you need is a search facility. Thankfully. Twitter provides us with a pretty good one.

Twitter Search box

Every business should, at the very least, be using the Twitter search facility to listen for the following:

  • Mentions of your business
  • Mentions of your competitors
  • Industry hashtags
  • Phrases such as “Can anybody recommend a [insert industry relevant phrase]?”

Just as there are people on Google searching for businesses likes yours, there are also people on Twitter searching for suppliers. I should know; I’m one of them.

Data Capture, Data Capture, Data Capture

Social media marketing is a complex beast and has many business uses ranging from lead generation to customer service, public relations to market research. However, when it comes to generating leads through Twitter or any other form of social media, we should absolutely make sure we have a way of capturing lead data.

Salesforce is one of the best companies in the world for getting this absolutely right. When it comes to providing quality content perfectly pitched at their audience, Salesforce nails it. The Twitter account is forever sharing blog posts that then point people to landing pages where they can encourage visitors to part with some contact details in exchange for a webinar or a PDF guide to CRM advances. Each one of these leads can be directly tracked back to Twitter thus helping to demonstrate social media marketing ROI.

Twitter considers itself an information network rather than a social network. As such,  you should use the vast amount of information available to find your own opportunities. Provide people with information about your products, forthcoming events and downloads through your profile summary and encourage them in to your sales funnel.

by Martin Broadhurst

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