Facebook Graph Search: Twitter Responses

The best place to be when a significant event is unfolding, whether that be the Hudson plane crash or a Facebook product launch, is Twitter. The real-time stream of updates provide an immediate handle on how the world interprets the event.


And this is what the world thought about Facebook’s Graph Search announcement…

BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones was immediately underwhelmed

But he soon changed his tune

Robert Scoble, technology blogger and evangelist, managed to find some interesting search results

Angel investor Peter Shankman took a long term view of things

Rory Carroll, The Guardian’s reporter at the event, kept us abreast of some early search results

Many of the world found the whole thing a little creepy

But it wasn’t all negative

While one commenter simply thought Zuckerberg just needed to talk to his friends a little more

By Martin Broadhurst

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