A desire for more public art in Derby

Wooden Soldier

During the Christmas Playground a street survey – also available online – was undertaken to capture the public’s response to the wooden playground toys, which were crafted by artist Andrew Frost. The project was led by Katapult in partnership with Arts Council England, Bombardier, City Centre Management Derby, Derby City Council, Derby County Football Club, Derby Live, QUAD, Rolls-Royce plc, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Derby Hospital, Simon Foote Architects, Toyota and the University of Derby.

In Family Fortunes style “‘The survey said”…

88% would like to see more public arts projects like this in Derby

93% agreed that themselves and/or their chidren enjoyed the playground

The Under 10′s ‘Name the bear’ and ‘Colour the Soldier’ Competition recieved over 500 entries. You can see the winners here

The family workshops which ran at QUAD to paint the wooden decorations for the city centre tree were all fully booked. Alongside this, three local primary schools took part, resulting in a  total of 150 children attending to help the cast of Cinderella hang them on the tree (along with a couple of helpful elves and  festive health and safety men from Derby City Council) Images can be seen on flickr

A visitor from Liverpool commented: ”Derby changes so much, everytime we visit, there seems to be a lot more to see and do’”

The wooden sculptures are now being relocated to the Royal Derby Hospital for the enjoyment of patients and visitors.

You can watch the making of the toys here

Contact Dawn Foote,  if you would like any more information about the project.

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  1. Martin Hyde says:

    More public art is always welcome, it makes peoples day a little brighter. My little boy loved the sculptures. Thanks

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