Letting the hand rule the brain: Cultural Connections and Printmaking


Our latest Cultural Connections event was inspired by this season’s exhibition at QUAD – A Universal Archive: William Kentridge as Printmaker, which meant inviting our guests to try their hand at their own bit of printmaking. This largely resulted in inky hands and pictures of cats (inspired by Kentridge’s ‘Scribble Cat’ below).

After some chilled drinks on the terrace at QUAD, we were shown around the exhibition by QUAD’s Curator Peter Bonnell who explained the context behind the South African artists’ work. We then explored Kentridge’s own idea of ‘letting the hand lead the brain, rather than letting the brain rule the hand’ and worked with local artist Lesley Warrington on putting some printmaking techniques into practice.

photo (25)

A few ‘expressionist’ pieces came out of the workshop including Nino from Geldard’s ‘crazy cat’ picture, below.

Click on the image to see the animated gif.

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