Trade Show Preview: Photonex & Vision UK 2013

Photonex 2013

Working with some of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies in their fields across photography, technology, aerospace and power amongst others, I’m interested to find out what’s new in the photonics industry at next week’s Photonex, being held at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

The exhibition will bring together specialist manufacturing and technology suppliers in the industry and will feature a full conference programme focussing on new research and developments in the sector.

Space Applications - photonics technologies and the workings of the space industry

Of particular interest is the conference event on Wednesday 16th October, around photonics technologies in the space industry, sponsored by Oxfordshire based company (sharing a similar name to ourselves) Satellite Applications Catapult.

This part of the conference will feature industry leaders, researchers and universities who will discuss the latest developments across space technology and applications. Satellite Applications Catapult will be looking at upstream technology development and the next generation of observation, whilst Stephen Kidd from Gooch and Housego will be talking about the challenges of fibre optics in space applications.

Vision UK 2013

There will no doubt be significant crossover with the Vision UK event held over the same period which will focus on advancements in industrial imaging and machine vision. A talk by Simon Hickman from Multipix Imaging on the benefits and efficiency of the USB3 Vision Standard, around transmission bandwidths and real-time capability, will presumably demonstrate the potential not only for the industry but for the mass market too.

However, Paul Wilson from Scorpion Vision has the best title of all the conferences talks: The Icing Robot. An interesting look at creating reliable automated 3D machine vision systems.

Marketing Challenges

Having delivered projects and campaigns for a number of manufacturing and technology clients, we’re looking forward to learning about the latest developments in photonics and understanding the marketing challenges faced by the businesses within the sector.

By Rhiannon Hulse

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