4 Free tools for measuring social media marketing campaigns

Finding the right tool to measure the impact of your social media marketing can be difficult especially if you don’t use a dashboard with integrated reporting tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or HubSpot. Use these tools in order to help get useful data that is easy to interpret and free to access.

Visual.ly Facebook Insights

Visual.ly is a great social platform where infographic designers and publishers can share their latest creations (you can see Katapult designed infographics here). The site really excels though, in allowing people to create their own infographics based on data from social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. The most useful of these from a business perspective is the Visual.ly Facebook Page Insights tool. It uses data from your Facebook Page Insights to create a great looking bespoke infographic detailing the activity on your Facebook Page.

Social mention

Social mention is the Google Alerts of social media. It allows you to monitor online chatter and, if used in a clever way, it can be used to create an online share of voice report. Social mention coupled with Google docs spreadsheets can provide some really useful data allowing you to track your brands’ online share of voice over time. That’s a feature you pay a lot of money for in other software packages. Speaking of Google Docs…

Google Docs

Using Google Docs to measure social media activity requires a bit of effort to get up and running so it isn’t for the faint of heart. You don’t have to be an advanced software developer but a bit of familiarity with spreadsheet formulas is required to get them working. Mashable compiled a list of different ways to use Google Docs for social media analytics.

Simply Measured

The social media analysis specialists at Simply Measured have provided a selection of free tools for monitoring your social media activity. For those wanting a more comprehensive social media analytics platform, they can sign up for Simply Measured’s services which start at $500 per month. Those that need something a little lighter can get the free reports in exchange for following the company on Twitter.

It’s all so simple, you see.


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