British B2B companies using social media: Land Securities Group

This is the second instalment in a series of posts looking at the way that some of the biggest B2B companies in the UK use social media.

Land Securities Group are a UK based commercial property company who manage 29 million square feet of shopping centres and office space around the UK. Their website is filled with resources in the forms of reports and press release related to their industry so they are clearly a company who understands the value of content. So how are they using social media channels to distribute all this content? Read on to find out…


When I viewed the Land Securities group company page on LinkedIn I have to say I was surprised. Not pleasantly surprised either. The company employs a not insignificant 656 people yet none of them – not even a summer intern –  seems to have been tasked with creating a LinkedIn profile that reflects the business in any way. The LinkedIn page has no products listed, no updates linking to relevant news and, most surprising of all, no careers section. The website makes it clear that employees are highly valued within the company so it seems like a missed opportunity not to utilise the careers section within the LinkedIn company page. It wouldn’t take much to greatly improve their LinkedIn presence.


Land Securities has no Facebook Page that I can see.


I really like what Land Securities Group have done on their YouTube Page. Not only have they managed to get the basics right with the design of the page but they’ve also organised their video uploads by using the playlists feature properly. They introduce us to their buildings, highlight their corporate social responsibility programmes, get us closer to the executive team and provide a company showcase. In terms of providing a clear set of videos, this does the job. I can’t fault this YouTube channel if I’m honest.


Another surprise was provided by the Twitter page and this time is was a pleasant one. Land Securities Group tweets often although there are often large gaps in between updates. The content they share tends to be industry news and retweets from a wide range of industry sources, which is good although the content is a little dry and could be made more engaging with the use of more visual, infographic style posts. What was especially surprising, was that they actually respond to negative tweets. I hadn’t anticipated that.

In summary

Land Securities Group are doing the basics of social media marketing well but there are definitely areas which they could improve upon. They already produce content related to an important sector in the UK economy so I would like to see some of these insights turned in to accessible bite-sized pieces of content in the form of infographics or motion-graphics videos to increase their content’s reach. The company LinkedIn page should be updated to focus more on recruitment and careers to bring it in line with their website which has a very detailed, well presented careers section.

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