Six examples of landing pages doing what they’re supposed to do

Landing pages: they are the point at which you take anonymous visitors and convert them in to real known people with first names, last names and email addresses. They can be used for PPC campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing and SEO which is why digital marketers love them. However, a bad landing page does no one any favours. That’s why we’ve chosen six of our favourite landing pages and explained why we like each example so much.


Benefit led landing page
What’s not to like about this landing page? At the bottom we have a bold graphic telling us how to access the free download, the banner image leaves us in no doubt about what the offer actually is and this is reinforced with the book cover image we see next to the form.


Quality look and feel with a clear form that is supported with image and text well.
While this landing page still has leaks (links taking people away from the landing page) such as the top navigation, the proposition is clear: you’re requesting a demo of Curata’s software. The form is a little long but this is presumably to keep time-wasters away as they won’t bother to fill it in. This landing page is light on copy but the endorsement from a customer is strong and really drives home the value of the software.


Saleforce: No messin' with this landing page. It's clear what you have to do here.
This landing pages doesn’t muck around. There are no page leaks, no unnecessary reams of copy to bore the reader to tears and a form with ample data capture to allow the Salesforce sales team to do their job effectively when they pick up the phone. Bravo, Salesforce!


SEERhealth landing page
The landing page for this SEERhealth webinar is great. While it follows many of the important rules for creating a good landing page, it also ticks the box required for a great webinar sign up page. Having profile pictures of the presenters is one of the key elements required on a webinar landing page as people want to be able to see and connect with the people they are going to be learning from.

Tenon Tours

Simple, clear design with one purpose
It’s as basic as you like but boy does this landing page do everything it needs to do with the absolute minimum of fuss. There’s no leaks, distractions, on-page clutter distracting the visitor from the task in hand which is obviously about downloading the brochure. A job well done, Tenon Tours.


Unbounce: Masters of the landing page
You would hope that a company providing specialist landing page creation tools might know a thing or two about landing page design, right? Well, it seems Unbounce definitely do. This landing page is bright, it’s bold and it makes you feel like filling in the form or paying with a tweet which I think is a nice touch by Unbounce.

Have you seen a great landing page or created one for your business? Share it with us in the comments below.

By Martin Broadhurst

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