The best examples of B2B firms using Pinterest

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There are many great examples of businesses using Pinterest with great success. One need only to look at the major US retailers such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Home Depot to see how to do it well. While Pinterest might not have such a direct win for B2B firms using it (few B2B purchasing decisions are likely to be made off the back of a repin), there are still some big B2B firms using Pinterest to great effect.

General Electric

Ok, calling General Electric a B2B firm is like calling Leonardo Di Vinci a scientist; it is accurate but it doesn’t tell the whole story. GE work in both B2B and B2C fields and their Pinterest boards reflect this. They share fascinating, insightful content that inspires and educates Pinners while helping to reinforce the GE brand.


Unlike GE above, HubSpot are exclusively B2B and they are rocking the use of Pinterest in their social media marketing. Their boards range from merchandise (yes, you can get HubSpot branded clothing) to infographics and free eBooks. Each clearly aligns with what HubSpot is all about.

Constant Contact

Experts in content marketing, Constant Contact are linking to high quality blog posts and resources through their pin boards. The upshot of this is that they are a fantastic curator of digital marketing insight which in turn has gained them more than 7,000 followers.


While the level of useful advice and expertise offered on the Pinterest boards of Hootsuite isn’t as high as on Constant Contact or HubSpot, Hootsuite have manageed to create a very well branded Pinterest experience. Concentrating largely on Owly, their owl mascot, they show off the fun-loving side to their business as well as showing off their global reach.

Wildfire by Google

Another social media management software tool that understands Pinterest is Wildfire. With over 1,800 followers they are doing something right. Their boards range from a showcase of great social media marketing examples to one pointing to some books worth reading if you are interested in social media marketing and marketing more generally.

I was surprised to see the CRM giant has fewer followers than Wildfire (by a very small amount) but still understands how to use pin boards effectively. The posts that they share are easily understood by anyone working in a corporate environment, especially the one below. So, who fancies a meeting?


As Adobe continues to grow and offer more software services for all kinds of business (they’re not just for creatives now, you know) they are also expanding their marketing efforts. With over 9,000 followers on Pinterest, there are a lot of people paying attention to what they say, including showing off life behind the scenes at the Adobe offices. What is it with modern offices and table football? Quit spinning plastic men and get some work done, slackers.

PayPal for Business

They might have fewer than 600 followers but I like what they do with their boards. The small business tips board offers practical advice for small business owners and the customer of the month board gives the Paypal a grass roots touch. Good effort.

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By Martin Broadhurst

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