Getting a Greener Deal


Wishing to further our green credentials and be active participants in the Green Deal, we have opted to have our gas supplied by fully-fledged Green Energy company, Ecotricity.

Kick-starting the global Green Electricity movement back in 1996, founder and CEO Dale Vince had a mission to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain. With 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions coming from standard electricity, the biggest single source, it’s also the single biggest thing we can change.

Ecotricity are dedicated to using alternative sources such as wind and solar to provide more homes and businesses with alternative renewable energy. They already have 18 wind parks and 1 sun park in operation with over 20 more renewable energy parks planned or already being built. Working in partnership with a number of other organisations, they are now looking to develop technology to effectively harness the power of the sea.

In 2010, Ecotricity introduced the concept of Green Gas to Britain. Making their own gas (from food waste) and putting it into the national gas grid, they are also working to establish Green Gasmills as a major energy source for the UK. Until then they promise that all of the green gas that they supply will be ‘Frack Free’.

Take a look how Green Gas works.

The organisation takes the money their customers spend on their bills and invests in building other new sources of green energy. Over the past nine years they have spent £281.02 per customer on building new sources of green electricity.

A green energy company with a great story to tell, Ecotricity seemed a good fit for us and with all the news of the big energy companies hiking up their prices recently, we chose good value AND helping to develop future renewable technologies.

How green is your energy company?

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