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The Pothole Gardener – the green fingered Banksy

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Photographs Copyright of Steve Wheen

I came across an article in the Metro this morning which captured my imagination and seems to have become something of a PR and social media phenomenon in the last couple of months.

Described by the press as ‘the guerilla gardener from Shoreditch’, Steve Wheen aka The Pothole Gardener has spent the last few weeks planting mini gardens in potholes on some of London’s worst roads to highlight the lack of repairs.

The idea apparently came to him after many times of nearly falling off his bike riding over holes in the road. He thought by planting flowers in them, it might deter cyclists and motorists to drive around the hole to avoid running them over, claiming that his longest ‘installation’ lasted three weeks.

A keen gardener with no garden of his own, Steve described the project as ‘part art project, part labour of love, part experiment, part mission to highlight how bad our roads are – I want to brighten up a few peoples lives momentarily, and creating mini-gardens in pot holes is my means.’

Likened to ‘guerilla’ street artist Banksy, Steve completes his work before anyone can stop him and like Banksy, is using his environment to make satirical comment and political statements – see below.

The Pothole Gardener has featured in the Telegraph and The Sun, has a large Twitter following – 4 tweets to his blog as I have been writing this – and 25,000 hits to his site this month; and he made his first pothole garden just a few weeks ago. Brilliant.

There are some seriously holey roads around Derby that could do with the green-fingered approach.

Follow him on Twitter @thepotholegardener or check out The Pothole Gardener blog to find out which London street is next.