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Special guests Simon Groom and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust open Katapult’s new Wildlife Garden

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Katapult team with Simon Groom, Blue Peter and Jane Proctor, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

We officially launched our newly created wildlife garden on Wednesday with some special guests invited along to cut the red ribbon and welcome in the butterflies and hedgehogs.

With many of us being the outdoorsy animal loving types and having environmental concerns high on the business agenda, we have really enjoyed getting advice from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on ways of providing a safe haven for wildlife in the garden.

Special guests to the garden on Wednesday included Simon Groom, who was reminiscing his green-fingered days in the Blue Peter garden back in the 1980’s, along with Jane Proctor, Marketing and Resource Development Manager at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who has been advising us for the past few months.

Jane Proctor, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Simon Groom, Blue Peter

Fragrant plants such as honeysuckle, lavender, lemon grass, rosemary and sage will encourage different varieties of insect which will in turn attract bats in the evening. Various wildflower varieties have also been planted to encourage different species of butterfly and bee during the day. Wildlife habitats have also been created to include log piles for hedgehogs, toad houses and insect lodges.

The new garden area complete with wooden seating and multiple bird tables has also provided us with a sweet-scented and inspirational area for the team and visiting clients to work and relax in – and hopefully spot some rare species.

We hope that our modest garden will inspire other businesses in Derby, including those with limited outside space, to get advice on what they can do to protect, encourage and monitor the wildlife in the city; wildlife conservation does not have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming to make a big difference in the local area.

Dawn Foote, Katapult managing director said: ‘We met with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust earlier in the year to look at how as a local business we could support their fabulous work, an immediate project was advising us on the renovation of the Katapult garden as to how we turn our city centre garden into a wildlife haven. It’s now a beautiful area that not only the wildlife can enjoy but our team and clients can too. I am looking forward to seeing it flourish, a family of hedgehogs moving in, the butterflies and the Derby peregrines paying us a visit’.

Simon Groom said: ‘I think Katapult’s initiative to create an urban wildlife garden, in conjunction with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, is inspirational. Living on a farm, I’m lucky to see hares, curlews and barn-owls, but I believe it’s equally important to attract a wide variety of wildlife to urban areas. So far, I’ve only seen photos of the new garden, but am looking forward to having a guided tour on Wednesday, after performing the official opening. I’m sure this beautiful corner of Derby will soon be a big hit with both the human and wildlife population!’

Big thanks to both Jane and Simon for all their help and advice. Have a listen below to Simon Groom’s opening speech and interviews with BBC Radio Derby’s Aleena Naylor.

Simon Groom’s Opening Speech by Katapultltd

Wildlife Garden Interviews by Katapultltd

Bee in the Katapult Wildlife Garden

If you’re an individual or business looking to do something similar, then get in touch with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who can help by giving advice on suitable plants for the size of space you have available and the wildlife you want to attract.

Over the coming months, the Katapult team will be documenting the wildlife that comes into the area with videos and photographs and regular updates here on the blog.

Check out our Katapult Flickr feed for more pictures of Wednesday and of the garden.