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Rebrands 2012: The good, the bad and the ugly

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Rebranding is never a simple task; everyone wants to entice new business whilst retaining their existing customers. The best rebrands can convey an organisation’s redefined proposition and the worst can destroy reputations.

As such, I’ve picked three of my favourite rebrands of the last year and highlighted some that perhaps controversially, i’m not too fond of.

The Best Rebrands of 2012

1. CooperVision


CooperVision, one of the world’s largest contact lens manufacturers, stepped away from cold and literal representations of water to unveil  ‘a refreshing perspective’ as their revised brand promise, using bold watercolours in their marketing materials to convey this. Whilst the whole ‘sight is more than just about seeing’ connotations may seem obvious, they are also effective (and won the organisation a 2012 Rebrand 100 Award).

Result! CIM Marketing Diploma qualifications for Rhiannon and Cheryl

Friday, April 1st, 2011


After a year of juggling our roles here at Katapult with the demands of Uni work in the evenings, Cheryl and I have now completed and more importantly passed the CIM’s Professional Diploma in Marketing course at the University of Derby.

The course has complemented our commercial experience with a strong theoretical understanding of marketing along with a broader range of skills to manage projects at Katapult. We explored strategic thinking processes that underpin successful marketing operations, such as customer dynamics, relationship management, budgeting and research methodologies along with the processes behind brand development and product management. In short, the course was great for increasing the depth of our knowledge and giving us a stronger grounding in our everyday roles.

The variety in the Professional Diploma in Marketing course meant that we were able to draw on our own experience to make the learning relevant to us and apply this to our roles here at Katapult. Whilst it requires a lot of additional independent studying to reap the benefits, we would definitely recommend the course to others looking to develop their careers and add further value to their daily roles.

Katapult has made a significant investment in our personal and professional development through financing our CIM studies and supporting us throughout the process. Other employers looking to invest in their team’s growth can apply for financial aid for courses such as this from various funding sources.

Though the course itself and the time demands it placed on us were extremely challenging we had great support from the Katapult team and seeing how it has benefited us has really made all that stress worthwhile!