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Making Magic (and Method) in the Digital Studio

Saturday, June 11th, 2011


We are pleased to announce Katapult are now the official sponsors of the Digital Studio at QUAD, to mark the occasion the Katapult team decided to test out some of the equipment last night when we took part in one of QUAD’s team-building animation workshops.

We started off with an introduction by Darius Powell, QUAD’s Digital Resources and Training Officer, by which point we were all itching to start creating and the ideas began floating around the room.

Within 4 hours we were aiming to come up with a stop-motion animation piece for our Method and Magic values to replace the Flash animation we currently have on our website. After a brainstorming session, storyboard and a bit of a debate along with lots of paper cutting, plasticine moulding, doodles and illustration the Method and Magic finally came together to produce a fun and quirky animation.

Apologies to QUAD for any plasticine clouds or worms we may have left behind!

The animation is currently undergoing a few tweaks from Phil, applying his post production k-motion magic and we expect to have a version on the Katapult site soon.

For more information on the digital and creative courses available in the Katapult Digital Studio please visit QUAD

Courses range from learning Digital SLR Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Animation, Screenwriting, Film Production, Music Production and Graphic Design. The studio also works on a wide range of education and community projects which can be seen on their blog.


Derby’s creative approach to networking used as blueprint for other regions

Thursday, May 20th, 2010


The success of Derby’s Creative Industries Network (CIN) could see it being used as a blueprint for a similar organisation in Scotland.

CIN was co-founded by our own Katapult MD Dawn in 2001 to support the development of the creative industries in Derbyshire and beyond.

Dawn has been invited to address the inaugural meeting of the South of Scotland Creative Clusters Project, called Borders Creative, later today.

Borders Creative is a new organisation for professionals “who are excited by the possibilities, and want to play a bigger part” in the industry in Scotland.

Speaking on behalf of Borders Creative, Tania Paterson from Cohorts by Design, commented “After researching similar organisations across the UK, we indentified that CIN had taken a successful approach led by the industry. Therefore, we invited Derby’s CIN to come and talk to our potential members about their experiences of setting up and running the CIN creative network. We feel that it acts as a best practice beacon and we are striving to emulate it’s success.”

Dawn commented: “CIN is truly focused on ensuring that Derbyshire becomes recognised as one of the leading areas in the UK for creative industries. I’m delighted that the people behind Borders Creative have picked up on this and have asked our advice.”

For more information on Derby CIN, visit