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How to use social media for B2B lead generation

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

“I’m quite certain that Facebook isn’t going to be relevant for us” said a sales manager I recently spoke to. That’s a bold statement as he just said he couldn’t think of a way to use a network that is regularly frequented by one in seven people on the planet. Sure, Facebook might not be the first place you turn to when looking for B2B leads and sales through social, but it can play an important role when used effectively. Follow this step-by-step guide and you can start using social media for B2B lead generation right away.

Step 1: Know thy audience

Audience @ LeWeb 11 Les Docks-9317

As is the case with so much digital marketing, your starting point for a successful social media lead generation campaign should be understanding who it is you’re are attempting to engage with. This means creating a buyer persona.

Your buyer persona will be a fictional representation of the typical person you are trying to reach. It will tell you about the issues that concern them, the challenges they face in their roles and where they look to find answers. This should include the magazines they read, the websites they visit and the social networks you think they use. Use this to create the content that you will use to lure them onto your website. (more…)

Social media marketing tools: Video showcase

Friday, May 24th, 2013

These are some of the best YouTube videos from some of the greatest social media marketing tools on the market. If you’d like to see any other tools or videos featured here, leave a note in the comment box below.


Checklist to help you evaluate your Facebook Page

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Shortstack, a Facebook app developer, have just published this handy infographic to help you evaluate your Facebook Page. Enjoy!


Four simple social media website integrations for marketers

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

There are a myriad of ways to connect your website to social media websites these days. Everything from embedded video to frictionless sharing on Facebook can be achieved by adding a few lines of codes to your website. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest yet most effective available.

YouTube Playlists

Embedding YouTube videos is very commonplace but few people bother to embed playlists. Playlists are great for sharing multiple videos around a common theme and can considerably increase engagement on your website or blog. Here’s a playlist looking at Google Translate for Animals.


Essential free Facebook marketing resources

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

If I had a tool that had the potential to change the way people do things online and I wanted people to start using my tool, I would start by teaching folks how to use it and provide free resources to make sure it went as smoothly as possible. As it happens, this is what Facebook think is the best way to get business owners and marketing managers using the Facebook platform. Here are some of the best free resources available to marketers wanting to use Facebook.


Facebook Marketing Page
Facebook’s own Page dedicated to marketing on Facebook has a huge library of free content available that is suitable for business owners, marketing managers, CMOs, media buyers and everyone in between. If you like the page you will receive updates about upcoming webinars (like this archived one below) and events that help educate you about the methodology and tools available for marketing on Facebook.

Watch live streaming video from facebookeducation at

Encourage Facebook Check-Ins for Restaurants, Retail, Hotels and Other Venues

Encouraging real-world customers to engage with our businesses on Facebook is going to become ever more important as Facebook Graph Search rolls out to more users. As such, Facebook is already offering resources to help business owners optimise for Facebook graph search. These download-and-print cards can be placed around venues to help remind customers to check-in to a venue and like the Page. Simply download the PDF, fill in the blanks and then print them out.

Download these handy Facebook Check-in Reminder Tent Cards

Download Facebook Tent Card PDF

Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Page Settings

Creating a Facebook Page is easy; understanding all of the different options available in the Facebook Page settings is a little more difficult. Page administrators have a wide range of options when it comes to setting up, moderating and controlling what happens with their Page which is why we decided to write a comprehensive guide to Facebook Page settings.

Get Inspired With Facebook Stories
With over one billion users on Facebook it is no surprise that there are a few stories to tell. Facebook Stories is where we can find out more about the people & world around us and become inspired. That might sound twee but take a look at the Facebook Valentines Day infographic before dismissing my sentimental tone.

Facebook Stories Valentines Day

Facebook Studio Edge
Facebook Studio is a site especially for people marketing on Facebook to be able to showcase their work and see what other marketers are doing on the network. Within the site you can also find Facebook Studio Edge; a learning resource for Facebook marketers. There are video courses you can complete with short quizzes at the end to test your learning.

Extra Resources for Facebook Marketers

Inside Facebook
All Facebook
Facebook Business Page

by Martin Broadhurst

UK mobile internet and social network usage statistics 2013

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Mobile internet is booming. In fact, mobile internet browsing is expected to overtake fixed access internet browsing by 2014. In some areas of internet usage such as social networking we can already see the shift away from desktop towards mobile. See the charts below for some of the key stats on social networking usage in the UK.

Frequency of Social Networking by Device

The charts below show how often smartphone users in the UK are accessing social networks via computers and smartphone respectively.

Smartphone users are beginning to use their mobile devices to access social networking sites more than their computers; 57% use their smartphones for social networking every day against just 50% using computers.
Frequency of sharing information on social network using smartphone (uk)

Frequency of sharing information on social network using computer (uk)

Sharing Activity via Desktop and Mobile

Sharing activity across desktop and smartphones is quite evenly reflected at this stage suggesting the levels of activity across each device reflect general social networking usage trends rather than any device-specific behaviour trends.

Frequency of social network visits on smartphone (uk)

Frequency of social network visits on computer (uk)

Video Website Usage via Desktop and Mobile

While many of the stats appear to be evenly matched, there is one surprising take away from these charts: almost one quarter of smartphone owners never access video sharing websites on their mobile phone. This is surprising because only 13% of smartphone owners never access video sharing websites via their computers so there is some lag with regard to people embracing mobile video.
ourmobileplanet.com_chart 3

Frequency of Using Video Sharing Websites on Smartphones (UK)

Source: Think With Google

By Martin Broadhurst

Four essential tips for lead generation through Facebook

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Using Facebook as a marketing tool is neither new nor exciting; in fact, as of July 2012 there were a reported 11m businesses using Facebook Pages to promote their products and services. What is often lacking is a clear method of converting to business results that mean more than reach, talking about this or likes. The following article details four key steps for generating leads through Facebook.

Create Data Capture Landing Tabs


In order to get leads from Facebook you need to make sure you have a method of capturing lead data as a simple Facebook Like counts for little in this regard. We need a more definite way of communicating with our leads, such as a phone number or email address, so our efforts need to focus on acquiring this information from our Facebook audience.

Begin with an offer; ebooks, webinars, templates, reports, whitepapers, competitions, vouchers are just a few of the types of tactics you can use. Whatever it is, make it compelling to your audience so that they feel giving over their email address in exchange for the offer is worthwhile.

Create a tab within Facebook using one of the many iframe apps or similar to promote your offer. Ensure you have a form on there to capture lead data within the tab and make the page focused on the single goal of acquiring the lead data.

Create Landing Pages on Your Website

This might sound like lead generation 101 but you will find external landing pages play a key part in driving leads through Facebook. When posting content to your Facebook Fans, make sure you include regular links to your offer landing pages as well as pointing people towards your on-Facebook lead generation tabs.

By varying where you send your Facebook fans, you will be able to monitor which has the best conversion rate. This sort of insight is beneficial for deciding how to deliver future online campaigns, in particular, deciding how you spend your budget when you…

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are still surprisingly under-utilised by marketers on Facebook. Despite there being 11m Facebook Pages, there are reportedly only “hundreds of thousands” of them advertising on the platform.

FB ads

Ads can and should play a significant role in your Facebook marketing efforts. Ads help to increase Page likes, which is valuable if these likes are then promoted to effectively, but they can also provide a good stream of traffic to your Facebook offer tab or your external landing page. Monitor the click-through rates and conversion rates on each and optimise your Facebook ad campaigns accordingly to reduce cost-per-lead.

Use Targeting Options When Updating Your Page

The targeting options provided to Page owners when posting updates are another under-utilised tool in the Facebook marketer’s toolkit. These updates can be targeted at an audience based on location and/or language data meaning if you want to promote your latest ebook exclusively to an audience in London, you can do just that! To really raise your game, try using the promoted posts tool to dig even deeper in to the targeting options. When used correctly, promoted posts drive higher levels of engagement due to the word-of-mouth nature of the posts.

FB Update targeting

Using these tools will further enable you to refine your lead generation strategy on Facebook by not only making your updates more personal to the audience you are trying to reach, but also allowing you to focus your marketing efforts only on a relevant audience. This is especially pertinent if you are speaking to an international audience on your Page.

By Martin Broadhurst

How to prepare your business for Facebook graph search optimisation

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Facebook Graph Search: Italian Restaurants Like By Italian People Who Live In Manchester

Facebook graph search is going to change the way we find things online: that’s a certainty. By joining the dots between people, businesses and thousands of objects such as webpages, games, movies, places and songs, Facebook users will be able to dig deep in to what’s hot among peer groups. Understanding how all of these pieces connect will give your business the upper hand when you want your business to be found on Facebook. This guide will take you through all aspects of Facebook Graph Search that social media marketers will need to consider.

First things first: This is not SEO as we know it

Social search has been a buzzword of the last two years and has come to the fore since Google+ launched: Facebook graph search is the epitome of social search. Unlike Google search, which integrates social signals (+1s, Google+ posts, authorship) in to existing search algorithms (which look at inbound links, site authority, on-page content and all those juicy SEO things) Facebook graph will look at the connections between Facebook people, pages and objects. Optimising your business for Facebook Graph Search will require offline, real-world effort as much as it will require on-page optimisation.

GSO: The Basics

Graph search optimisation (or GSO as it is being referred to) requires that your Facebook Page is set up correctly so this means ensuring your information is completed as accurately as possible. This starts with completing the ‘about’ section of your Facebook Page as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Retailers should make sure they list opening hours, parking options and the price range; restaurants should be taking advantage of the wide range of options provided to them for giving detailed information about their offer such as dress code, opening hours, cuisine served and more. These are the details that people will be looking for once graph search is out of beta and is a comprehensive semantic search engine.

Download our Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Page Settings

Timeline Interactions Are Less Important

Throughout the last few years Facebook has been telling brands to drive engagement through the newsfeed/timeline in the form of likes, comments and shares. While these interactions are likely to remain important for keeping your brand visible in timelines, they will be less important for making your business appear in graph search results. From the point of view of a user performing a search, the fact that a theme park brand page posted a picture of a pumpkin on Halloween that got hundreds of likes and comments means little or nothing if I’m searching for a local attraction that is open on Sundays which is liked by my friends who have children.

Social Connections Are More Important

Brands now need to encourage Facebook interactions as often as possible. Graph Search is more beneficial to users when it tells them about recent check-ins at a venue or recommendations of a business rather than how many comments, likes and shares they have received. Photos are especially important as they are a category of their own at the moment so encouraging people to tag your business in their photos increase the exposure of your business.

GSO: In Conclusion

Facebook graph search is designed to provide people with search results within a social context: It doesn’t matter who has the best site map and <H1> tags on their homepage. Instead, Facebook is using real-world interactions to provide valuable search results. For now, while graph search is still in beta, the results are fairly limited. Once it opens up and starts to include more objects (spotify tracks, news articles, epicurious recipes, TripAdvisor reviews etc), graph search will be a phenomenal tool.

By Martin Broadhurst

Facebook Graph Search: Twitter Responses

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

The best place to be when a significant event is unfolding, whether that be the Hudson plane crash or a Facebook product launch, is Twitter. The real-time stream of updates provide an immediate handle on how the world interprets the event.


And this is what the world thought about Facebook’s Graph Search announcement…

BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones was immediately underwhelmed

But he soon changed his tune


An Introduction to Facebook Graph Search

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

The social network that everyone loves to hate last night let the world see what they are building: Facebook Graph Search. Watch the video below to see graph search in action.

Search has long been an object of derision when it came to Facebook’s offer. In the simplest terms, it sucked. Whether you were trying to search for an app for your Facebook Page, a friend of a friend or a old post on your timeline, Facebook consistently managed to deliver poor results or provide absolutely no such method at all.