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Six examples of landing pages doing what they’re supposed to do

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Landing pages: they are the point at which you take anonymous visitors and convert them in to real known people with first names, last names and email addresses. They can be used for PPC campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing and SEO which is why digital marketers love them. However, a bad landing page does no one any favours. That’s why we’ve chosen six of our favourite landing pages and explained why we like each example so much.


Benefit led landing page
What’s not to like about this landing page? At the bottom we have a bold graphic telling us how to access the free download, the banner image leaves us in no doubt about what the offer actually is and this is reinforced with the book cover image we see next to the form.


Quality look and feel with a clear form that is supported with image and text well.
While this landing page still has leaks (links taking people away from the landing page) such as the top navigation, the proposition is clear: you’re requesting a demo of Curata’s software. The form is a little long but this is presumably to keep time-wasters away as they won’t bother to fill it in. This landing page is light on copy but the endorsement from a customer is strong and really drives home the value of the software. (more…)

Creating landing pages that convert: four key elements

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

In order to get higher conversions of visitors-to-leads with your landing pages you will need to concentrate on four key aspects of the landing page design. This blog will focus on each of the four aspects in a little more detail to see how to optimise each of them.

Example of a landing page


With the attention spans of online audiences decreasing to almost nothing (a recent study found that a one second delay in page load time can result in an 11% reduction in page views, i.e. people are turning away from your content before they even see it!), your headline has to tell them what they need to know immediately. When you’ve written the headline, perform the blink test – can the viewer understand the offer and what you’re asking them to do in less than five seconds?


Having captured your reader’s attention with your headline, your body copy needs to be short and to the point in order to convince them that taking up your offer is the best thing for them.

You need to be able to quickly convey the value of the offer to the reader, so keep the paragraphs short as walls of text will turn people away. Use bullet points and numbering to simplify the visual layout of the text and use bold or italicised text to highlight the main points.


The image is a key factor in conversion, often overlooked in landing page design. Use an image of something representing the offer such as the cover of an eBook or the profile photo of a webinar presenter.


When creating your landing page you should always keep in mind the end goal is to capture some vistor data through the completion of your form. Generally, the shorter the form is, the more likely the vistitor is to fill it in. You might want to ask a string of questions to help guide your lead nurturing program but you should only ask the questions that you absolutely need the details to at that point in the lead generation/qualifying process.


Inbound marketing 101: landing pages explained

Friday, March 15th, 2013

In order to start converting website visitors into leads, you are going to need landing pages. They are an important cog in the inbound marketing machine where we convert our leads into prospects; gain more insight into our existing leads; capture important lead data and position our brand as experts in our field. Read on for the full low down on the importance of landing pages…
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