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Playful ’09

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Playful '09

I recently had the great pleasure of attending Playful ‘09 (A Day of Cross Disciplinary Frolicking), hosted by Pixel-Lab.  Based at Conway Hall, London, the stage was host to a plethora of over 20 speakers ranging from games designers, writers, art directors and people generally doing fun things.

Ranging from RexBox (involved in the visual playfulness of LittleBigPlanet) and his impressive OHP presentation including realtime loading bars (bloody hilarious), Robin Birkinshaw’s personal insight into the beautiful ‘Alice & Kev’ story (experiment into Homelessness in the Sims 3), Russell Davies gripping presentation on the importance of ‘Pretending’ and the amazing showcase of fun projects produced by Chris O’Shea.

Unlike most ‘digital’ events it was a refreshing change not to be bombarded with commercial plugs and sponsorship (usually resulting in walking away with bag loads of promotional tack!) The relaxed nature of the whole day filtered through to the speakers and the audience, creating a shared utopian mood, perpetuating everyone’s reason for being there; to celebrate being Playful.

Although part of me did leave the event wanting to run home and dig out my oldest and most treasured toys in search of capturing a quick hit of nostalgia, I did leave with an added sense of new found pleasure.  Through the powers of new technology to the passing thoughts and observations of daily life; we are playful beings and being playful should be nurtured and celebrated.

Visit the Playful website for photos, info, and links to presentations from the day.

Thoughts & observations of the day:
“I realised that the web doesn’t smell” (Toby Barnes comment of the day),

My personal highlights of the day:

Old school OHP presentation + realtime loaders + duped technical errors

RexBox Loading...

RexBox Loading...

Russel Davies:
Reminding me of childhood – driving in the back of the family car, scrunching you eyes up at night to turn the streetlights into laser weapons and shooting other cars, or watching the passing shadows on the road beside you, imagining shapes and rhythms.

Analysis of Jason Bourne (90% moody commuter 10% killing and fighting)

Moody Commuting

Chris O’Shea:
Footage from his chicken project – hilarious!

Kareem Ettouney
Discussing the change in the role of the art director over the last couple of decades.  From pyramid (dictatorship) to a collective methodology, communication and ownership.

Drinking lots of tea, talking to interesting people and seeing the most amount of iphones in one room ever.

I’ll definitely be there next year.

(Image Copyright Toby Barnes)