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British B2B companies using social media: Land Securities Group

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

This is the second instalment in a series of posts looking at the way that some of the biggest B2B companies in the UK use social media.

Land Securities Group are a UK based commercial property company who manage 29 million square feet of shopping centres and office space around the UK. Their website is filled with resources in the forms of reports and press release related to their industry so they are clearly a company who understands the value of content. So how are they using social media channels to distribute all this content? Read on to find out…


When I viewed the Land Securities group company page on LinkedIn I have to say I was surprised. Not pleasantly surprised either. The company employs a not insignificant 656 people yet none of them – not even a summer intern –  seems to have been tasked with creating a LinkedIn profile that reflects the business in any way. The LinkedIn page has no products listed, no updates linking to relevant news and, most surprising of all, no careers section. The website makes it clear that employees are highly valued within the company so it seems like a missed opportunity not to utilise the careers section within the LinkedIn company page. It wouldn’t take much to greatly improve their LinkedIn presence.


Land Securities has no Facebook Page that I can see.


I really like what Land Securities Group have done on their YouTube Page. Not only have they managed to get the basics right with the design of the page but they’ve also organised their video uploads by using the playlists feature properly. They introduce us to their buildings, highlight their corporate social responsibility programmes, get us closer to the executive team and provide a company showcase. In terms of providing a clear set of videos, this does the job. I can’t fault this YouTube channel if I’m honest.


Another surprise was provided by the Twitter page and this time is was a pleasant one. Land Securities Group tweets often although there are often large gaps in between updates. The content they share tends to be industry news and retweets from a wide range of industry sources, which is good although the content is a little dry and could be made more engaging with the use of more visual, infographic style posts. What was especially surprising, was that they actually respond to negative tweets. I hadn’t anticipated that.

In summary

Land Securities Group are doing the basics of social media marketing well but there are definitely areas which they could improve upon. They already produce content related to an important sector in the UK economy so I would like to see some of these insights turned in to accessible bite-sized pieces of content in the form of infographics or motion-graphics videos to increase their content’s reach. The company LinkedIn page should be updated to focus more on recruitment and careers to bring it in line with their website which has a very detailed, well presented careers section.

How British B2B companies use social media: Anglo American

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

This is the first in a series of posts looking at how some of Britain’s biggest B2B companies are using social media within their organisation. 

Anglo American Logo

In January 2012 the British mining giant announced via YouTube it would be entering the world of social media to “have conversations with people” and “to show what we’re about.” What does this actually mean though?


On Facebook almost every post features a high quality image and a question. Each post offers a nugget of information related to the mining industry and appears to be pitched perfectly for a Facebook audience where many fans of the page may have a passing interest in the mining industry without having great technical expertise. Did you know Metallurgical coal is primarily used in the steelmaking industry, making such items as cutlery?

Six examples of landing pages doing what they’re supposed to do

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Landing pages: they are the point at which you take anonymous visitors and convert them in to real known people with first names, last names and email addresses. They can be used for PPC campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing and SEO which is why digital marketers love them. However, a bad landing page does no one any favours. That’s why we’ve chosen six of our favourite landing pages and explained why we like each example so much.


Benefit led landing page
What’s not to like about this landing page? At the bottom we have a bold graphic telling us how to access the free download, the banner image leaves us in no doubt about what the offer actually is and this is reinforced with the book cover image we see next to the form.


Quality look and feel with a clear form that is supported with image and text well.
While this landing page still has leaks (links taking people away from the landing page) such as the top navigation, the proposition is clear: you’re requesting a demo of Curata’s software. The form is a little long but this is presumably to keep time-wasters away as they won’t bother to fill it in. This landing page is light on copy but the endorsement from a customer is strong and really drives home the value of the software. (more…)

How to use social media for B2B lead generation

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

“I’m quite certain that Facebook isn’t going to be relevant for us” said a sales manager I recently spoke to. That’s a bold statement as he just said he couldn’t think of a way to use a network that is regularly frequented by one in seven people on the planet. Sure, Facebook might not be the first place you turn to when looking for B2B leads and sales through social, but it can play an important role when used effectively. Follow this step-by-step guide and you can start using social media for B2B lead generation right away.

Step 1: Know thy audience

Audience @ LeWeb 11 Les Docks-9317

As is the case with so much digital marketing, your starting point for a successful social media lead generation campaign should be understanding who it is you’re are attempting to engage with. This means creating a buyer persona.

Your buyer persona will be a fictional representation of the typical person you are trying to reach. It will tell you about the issues that concern them, the challenges they face in their roles and where they look to find answers. This should include the magazines they read, the websites they visit and the social networks you think they use. Use this to create the content that you will use to lure them onto your website. (more…)

Best examples of brands using Instagram video

Friday, June 21st, 2013

***Apologies for the autoplay video cacophony. Instagram videos will autoplay so having multiple videos on one page results in a lot of noise***

4 Free tools for measuring social media marketing campaigns

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Finding the right tool to measure the impact of your social media marketing can be difficult especially if you don’t use a dashboard with integrated reporting tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or HubSpot. Use these tools in order to help get useful data that is easy to interpret and free to access. Facebook Insights is a great social platform where infographic designers and publishers can share their latest creations (you can see Katapult designed infographics here). The site really excels though, in allowing people to create their own infographics based on data from social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. The most useful of these from a business perspective is the Facebook Page Insights tool. It uses data from your Facebook Page Insights to create a great looking bespoke infographic detailing the activity on your Facebook Page.

Social mention

Social mention is the Google Alerts of social media. It allows you to monitor online chatter and, if used in a clever way, it can be used to create an online share of voice report. Social mention coupled with Google docs spreadsheets can provide some really useful data allowing you to track your brands’ online share of voice over time. That’s a feature you pay a lot of money for in other software packages. Speaking of Google Docs…

Google Docs

Using Google Docs to measure social media activity requires a bit of effort to get up and running so it isn’t for the faint of heart. You don’t have to be an advanced software developer but a bit of familiarity with spreadsheet formulas is required to get them working. Mashable compiled a list of different ways to use Google Docs for social media analytics.

Simply Measured

The social media analysis specialists at Simply Measured have provided a selection of free tools for monitoring your social media activity. For those wanting a more comprehensive social media analytics platform, they can sign up for Simply Measured’s services which start at $500 per month. Those that need something a little lighter can get the free reports in exchange for following the company on Twitter.

It’s all so simple, you see.


Social media marketing tools: Video showcase

Friday, May 24th, 2013

These are some of the best YouTube videos from some of the greatest social media marketing tools on the market. If you’d like to see any other tools or videos featured here, leave a note in the comment box below.


Authenticity still matters in B2B social media marketing

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

When it comes to business use of social media there are two types of players: organisations and individuals. Organisations and individuals should both approach social media as authentically as possible. While I’m aware the word “authenticity” has been thrown around a great deal by social media experts, almost to the point where it has lost all meaning, the truth is authenticity matters. (more…)

Checklist to help you evaluate your Facebook Page

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Shortstack, a Facebook app developer, have just published this handy infographic to help you evaluate your Facebook Page. Enjoy!


Universities using Pinterest: five good examples

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The education industry is booming and the demands on marketing teams at academic institutions are high. Effective use of social media platforms is of great importance to many universities and with Pinterest proving to be such a useful tool for traffic referrals it makes sense to be active on there. Here are five examples of universities getting it right with Pinterest. Share your best examples of educational institutions on Pinterest in the comments below.

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool Pinterest account has all the usual details about student life in Liverpool as well as having a very useful What To Study pinboard with videos showcasing the range of courses available.

Source: via University of on Pinterest


University of Derby

Derby’s own university has used Pinterest to great effect by not only providing potential students with an insight in to student life in the city but also providing an FYI board filled with useful infographics for students to reference.

Source: via University of Derby on Pinterest


London South Bank University

Utilising 32 different pinboards, LSBU is making the most of the options available on Pinterest. With boards covering local London highlights and What’s on, to Food and University accommodation, potential and existing students alike should find something of interest on LSBU’s Pinterest.

Source: via London South Bank University on Pinterest


Cornell University

From past alumni to the best Cornell university merchandise, Cornell’s pinboards show off what is best about life in the ivy league college.

Source: via Cornell on Pinterest


Bucknell University

The University located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania takes Pinterest seriously. Potential students can get a snapshot of the university’s history on the Bucknell Memories or see some of the engineering alumni’s highlights such as the Robobees below. Be sure to check out the Ask the Experts board as well which links to great interviews with the University’s professors.